Farewell Ten Eleven

The Ten Eleven, legendary San Antonio rock club is closing its doors Sunday morning after a farewell performance featuring owner-musicians Brandon Hicks and Jordan Williams.

The venue opened in February of 2008 and served as a home for many local bands and hosted touring groups like The Thermals, Bane, H2O and Terror.

During the eight year run, Hicks and WIlliams, along with their partner, Colin Wells, heard many bands start up and burn out, but their support for independent music and inventory of affordable craft beer never wavered.

The farewell shows begin Friday night with Our Sleeping Giant, Future Sailor, The Cardinal Health, Cinderleaf, and Michael J and the Foxes—then concludes Saturday with Broken Spokes, Bill Jr., Make Your Own Maps, Prevail Within and The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.

The shows are free and the owners are encouraging patrons to "come have a beer, share some laughs, jam some tunes, give some high-fives and say goodbye."